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You can find the answers of some of our most frequently asked questions here. If you still don’t see what you’re looking for here, just reach out! We’re happy to speak with you. You can reach us Monday – Friday from 8AM to 6PM EST, and Saturday from 8AM to 3PM EST at 855-364-KING (5464) or

General Questions

This is the one of the most common questions we receive. Tips differ depending on the size and difficulty of the move as well as the efforts put forth by the movers. An honest day’s job should not go unnoticed. The average tip for long distance moves is $3-5 per hour based on the labor. Think of it like dining at a restaurant – we recommend that customers compensate each crew member separately to acknowledge the hard work by everyone involved in the relocation.

Tariff provisions require that all moving charges be paid before your shipment is unloaded at the destination. Payments can be made using cash, certified check, or money order. Other payment options such as a credit card can be arranged with your professional moving service provider. Discuss these options with the Relocation Consultant and/or the Customer Service Representative assigned to your shipment. In the event that your employer is paying for the move, the employer may pre-arrange to be billed via invoice. Be sure to have this all worked out prior to packing and loading. If the method of payment is not established prior to load day, it can cause you problems on delivery day.

We have a wide variety of packing material available to purchase including our convenient box bundles for any size move! Call us for more information.

Yes! Our carriers have extensive experience moving grand pianos, fine art ,and antiques and we are aware of the special needs in moving these items safely.


Furniture disassembly is included in long distance moves. You will need to pay for any packing or wrapping material used to protect your furniture and other belongings that may be used beyond the standard quilt and pad wrapping.

Regardless of the distance of your move, storage may still be needed – whether it is for a few extra boxes of summer clothes or an entire furniture set. Your True King Relocation representative can help you with many storage options as part of our moving services.

When making the important decision of moving, it may seem as though doing it yourself is the most budget friendly option. However, after all factors are considered, hiring professional movers may be the more cost-effective solution. During a self-move, you are responsible for not only the cost of the rental moving truck, but for gas, tolls, lodging, food and other expenses. If it works out that the two moving options are comparably priced, or if professional movers are more expensive, consider what is gained by hiring a moving company.

Hiring professional movers saves you time, stress and effort. Also, the moving services are entrusted to highly trained professionals who can efficiently pack, load, unload and unpack your things. Heavy appliances, large furniture and fragile items are difficult to load securely and unload without incurring damage. Skilled professional movers have the expertise to handle these more difficult belongings. Also, if any damage is incurred during moving, or if the items are lost in transit, the moving company bears the responsibility. If you self-move, any repairs or replacements are borne by you.

We recommend that you arrange for a pet sitter on the day of your move since moving can be stressful for pets. During your move itself, we recommend you travel with your pet or arrange for trusted and referred pet transportation services.

Your movers will not able to move your plants. The stress and heat of being inside the moving trailer usually causes them to die. Many states also do not allow the entry of plants while other states will admit plants under certain conditions. There are some states that have no regulations at all. Your True King Relocation representative will be able to advise you on your state’s regulations prior to moving the plants in your own vehicle.


It’s never too early to start planning for a well-organized and cost-efficient office relocation. Establishing space requirements, furniture needs, voice and data modifications, not to mention budgeting for all your requirements, are just a few of the beginning steps in order to get prepared for the move.

Our carriers can handle all kinds of moves of any size, including offices, warehouses, medical facilities, manufacturing sites, and just about any other kind of commercial move.

Our carriers provide all the packing materials for your move. We employ a reusable mobile crate system, tapeless moving cartons, library and inventory carts, and other specialty packing materials.

Our carriers offer complete packing and unpacking services with specially trained movers tailored for any commercial relocation depending on your needs.

Our network includes skilled systems furniture installation specialists with the right tools and equipment who can disassemble and reassemble any type of systems furniture.

Generally any vertical file can remain loaded during the move. Lateral files should have any drawer above the 2nd level packed for safe transport.

We provide moving services any day, and at any time, depending upon your requirements.

Moving Basics

All of our moves include:
  • Disassembly and wrapping of furniture
  • Safely loading onto truck
  • Proper padding and securing of boxes
  • Unloading at your final destination
Add-on Options
  • Packing and boxing of items
  • Unpacking and set up
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